Our Story

  • Inside the Tote

    Everything we do is driven by taste. We personally select each item from our growing range of specialty suppliers. Our products and recipes will feed your passion to prepare gourmet food experiences in your own kitchen, so it’s never been easier for you to spoil yourself and those you care for on a regular basis.

    And while sourcing produce and preparing meals are some of our favourite pastimes, we love to uncover the best indulgence creations as well, to share them with you in a lovingly curated collection.

  • Journey to Provenance

    Why do we adore these products? Provenance – we’re captivated by the story of their creation.

    We are always searching for fresh, dedicated makers, characterised by some key qualities. They prefer to source quality ingredients, focusing mostly on seasonal, local produce, picked from small farms. They like to produce in small batches, using traditional recipes, creating items low in artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

    Above all else, they invest their lives to sustain a manufacturing tradition, exercising it to perfection. This is the artisan way. We would all love to pick fruit and make our own jams, and one day we should! In the meantime, relax. Spiced Fig brings you the stories of the finest producers and their delightful creations.

  • Behind the Spice

    Our network of researchers track down great gourmet food items in Australia and beyond our shores, while our pamper specialists are on watch for stand-out creations that epitomise luscious indulgence.

    Our team is galvanised by our passion to share these products with you and to nurture a dynamic online community of gourmet foodies. We love what we do. And we’re good at it, continually evolving our systems to guarantee our subscribers seamless delivery, from the tasting room to the kitchen bench.

    So join us on this journey as we uncover the next hidden gem. Help us share the stories of the many dedicated producers out there who make the kind of food you always wished for.